Dear Sheila,

Thank you for time on the phone today,

Storm tank overflowing

The storm tank was overflowing because the sight glass on top of the tank was not capped. This is something we have fed back to our supplier and we will be installing this cap today or tomorrow. This means that when the storm tank is full in the future, it will not overflow. I’m very sorry that this caused residents to worry and I want to thank you for flagging this. Team are on site today to drain the tank in the meantime so there is no more water overflowing.

It was confirmed with me that the switch over from the tank to the works is manual, but we have Technicians visiting regularly to check, particularly after any rainfall. Because the tank will only be there temporarily, we have kept onsite automation to a minimum.

I mentioned that this storm tank will remain on site until spring, by which time we hope to have mitigated the root cause of the flooding, which is the surface and ground water entering the system.

Loggers in the network

Teams are collecting the data from the loggers today. The loggers will remain in place so we can continue collecting data. The next step will be to analyse this data to understand where there is clean water ingress into the network.

Getting in touch

Thank you very much again for flagging this with me. As you may know, I am the point of contact for elected officials in the community so more than happy for you to give me a call about this or any other Anglian Water matter in the future.

If members of the community wish to raise an issue, either in the public domain or at their homes, they can reach our 24/7 contact centre on 03457 145 145 or on our website.