Dear Parish,

Further to my previous email to you regarding the upcoming tree planting, I would like to make you aware that the contractors will starting planting works Cherwell on 27th February 2023 and we aim to complete the planting works across the District within the next 6 weeks.

As it stands, the trees will be planted according to their location as is shown via this link Please click on the link shaped like a chain at the end of the row to see the planting location in your parish. Where possible, some trees have been moved from their original location based on suggestions from parishes, however I must stress that this has been on a case by case basis, and a final decision has been made by the Tree Service.

Please note that this email is being communicated to numerous parishes and does not supersede any ongoing correspondence I am having with you. Where this is the case, I will continue to contact you separately, regarding any specific matters.

I would welcome any final thoughts regarding the upcoming tree planting, and in the eventuality that any further suggestion for moving the locations are suggested, I will review these as best I can. This having been said, please bear in mind that all planting locations are now finalised as it stands and no assurance can be made that these will be moved.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that this project is being delivered in a far shorter window than the Tree Service would have liked. We recognise that on the whole this project is not perfect, but I am generally very pleased with what has been achieved so far and also grateful for the input of yourselves and I am hopeful that we can work with you going forward, to establish the next generation of street trees in Oxfordshire.


John Rawlings-Hall

Tree Officer (Cherwell District)

Countryside Operations & Volunteer Coordination

Environment & PlaceC

County Hall

New Road