Neighbourhood Plan


The Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan (MCNP) is under review and is planned to be completed early 2023. This provides recommendations and guidance in the form of Policies to be taken into account during planning processes, for 12 Parishes in the Cherwell District. These are:

  1. Duns Tew
  2. North Aston
  3. Somerton
  4. Fritwell
  5. Middle Aston
  6. Steeple Aston
  7. Lower Heyford
  8. Upper Heyford
  9. Ardley with Fewcott
  10. Middleton Stoney
  11. Kirtlington
  12. Heyford Park

Fritwell Parish Councillors will be representing the views of Fritwell village during this review, and we would welcome your views and ideas. Please note that these should be related to issues affecting planning.

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Please contact either Polly Foster (Parish Chair) at or Jonathan Boyce at and have your say.