Further to our message in November about dogs worrying livestock, it has been noted that there has been abuse of playing field committee members when confronting people who are walking their dogs on the playing fields, there are plenty of notices informing the public that this is forbidden.. This is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. These fields are used by children in the main, and the football pitches are in frequent use. If dog mess is found on a playing pitch, the referee is duty bound for safety reasons to cancel a match because of the health risk posed to young players. DO NOT walk your dogs on the playing fields.

In addition, we are blessed in Fritwell with having several volunteers who empty waste bins around the village. We are getting reports that dog walkers are depositing dog waste in litter bins. This is unacceptable as it is unhygienic and disrespectful to these volunteers. Dog walkers, PLEASE deposit your waste in the dog bins provided and if these are full, take your waste home and deposit in your green bin.