Dear Residents

The following response has been received by Cala Homes.

Dear Kelley, 

Thank you for your email, I have consulted with colleagues and can confirm the below. 

The Management Company will be responsible for the SUDS and SWALE maintenance and management on the development. The Pumping Station & associated drainage will be adopted by Anglian Water. 

In terms of the Management Company – upon final sales completion of the plots on the development, the development will be handed over to the Managing Agent, Hadrian Property Management. Hadrian will manage and maintain the communal areas of the development (including the SUDS & SWALE ) as part of the service charge budget for the development (payable by the Stable Gardens residents). When all legal agreements for the development have been completed, the communal areas (including the SUDS & SWALE) will be transferred to the Management Company (Stable Gardens (Fritwell) Management Company Ltd) and the Management Company will be responsible for the SUDS & SWALE management & maintenance, in perpetuity. CALA is responsible for the SUDS & SWALE management & maintenance until handover to the Managing Agent. 

The pumping station & associated drainage will be managed and maintained by CALA until they are adopted by Anglian Water. Upon adoption, Anglian Water will be responsible for these items in perpetuity. 

To confirm, the s.104 plan and future management therefore, has been approved by Anglian Water. 

Kind regards

 Vikki Roe | Planning Manager Please note, I work flexibly and my normal non-working day is a Friday. I may email outside of normal working hours, but please do not feel obliged to respond outside of your own preferred working hours.

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