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Watch out for this WhatsAPP scam

(Posted: 6th August 2023)

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Organised crime groups targeted by police, who arrest 35 and seize cannabis plants worth an estimated Β£4,202,400

(Posted: 6th July 2023)

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Slow down this summer: Thames Valley Police urges people to take care after nine fatal collisions in May 2023.

(Posted: 1st June 2023)

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Irresponsible dog walkers

(Posted: 9th March 2023)

Further to our message in November about dogs worrying livestock, it has been noted that there has been abuse of playing field committee members when confronting people who are walking their dogs on the playing fields, there are plenty of notices informing the public that this is forbidden.. This is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. These fields are used by children in the main, and the football pitches are in frequent use. If dog mess is found on a playing pitch, the referee is duty bound for safety reasons to cancel a match because of the health risk posed to young players. DO NOT walk your dogs on the playing fields.

In addition, we are blessed in Fritwell with having several volunteers who empty waste bins around the village. We are getting reports that dog walkers are depositing dog waste in litter bins. This is unacceptable as it is unhygienic and disrespectful to these volunteers. Dog walkers, PLEASE deposit your waste in the dog bins provided and if these are full, take your waste home and deposit in your green bin.


Book Swap Relocation

(Posted: 27th November 2022)

Due to damage to the existing book β€˜shed’ the Fritwell book swap has been moved, with the support of the Parish Council, into the stone bus stop on East Street.
Please do continue to swap and borrow books from this new location and help us by keeping it neat and tidy. πŸ‘

Cemetery Tidy-up

(Posted: 22nd November 2022)

Parish Council regulations for the Civil Lawn Cemetery can be consulted HERE. The regulations are clear – please do not mow the cemetery. Other than our contractor (who is insured) no-one else can mow. Any damage incurred to cemetery headstones or grave furniture will be the responsibility of the individual. Our regulations also request that all ornaments flower vases are limited to the headstone are. Anything beyond this area will be removed and disposed of during January 2023.

“Super User” for fixing potholes, other road and pavement damage

(Posted: 22nd November 2022)

Jon Boyce is now a trained Super User and can raise work-orders for road and pavement repairs including potholes, missing kerbstones etc. There are specific rules for what can be raised to Oxfordshire County Council for repair, and this includes: Super Users can raise the following types of works orders (Defects):

  • Pothole repairs
  • Kerbing repairs
  • But not Drainage / Gulley clearing

These work orders can only be raised on unclassified roads with a speed of 30mph or less, footpaths and cycleways. Jon cannot raise work orders on A or B roads or any road with a speed limit above 30mph, so in essence just the roads in Fritwell Village. The specifics of the repairs that can be requested are:

  • Missing, out of position kerb stones,
  • A pothole of minimum size of 40mm deep covering and area of 150mm x 150mm (or in old money – 1 3/4″ Deep, by 6″ wide and 6″ long).
  • Anything significantly larger is considered a Category 1 defect and will be fixed in 2 to 24 hours (depending on scheduling availability).

If any resident sees any potholes or kerbs needing investigating, please contact Jon on 07718 660577 or jon.boyce@ fritwell.org.uk

Livestock Worrying and Dogs off Lead

(Posted: 18th November 2022)Livestock Sign

Fritwell Parish Council (FPC) recognise the large majority of dog owners are responsible and respect the law and regulations of the village. However, there have been incidents recently raised to FPC by residents that are deeply concerning.

The first was an incident of livestock worrying by a dog that was let loose from the lead by the owner onto private land. This resulted in the death of a lamb. The owner was identified, prosecuted and fined as well as issued with a compensation order. Owners should be in control of their dogs at all times and should never be allowed free access onto private or restricted land. These are offences under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 and

Secondly are incidents of dog mess on the Fritwell recreation field. Dog walking is strictly prohibited on the playing fields. This is for the safety of the children playing football and enjoying the play equipment. Anyone seen walking a dog on the playing fields will be reported.

To residents of Fritwell, if you see dog walkers acting irresponsibly, please inform the Police as there is a specific rural Task Force set up in Oxfordshire to deal with this kind of crime. Please contact https://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/ro/report/rwc/rural/report-rural-crime/ or mail to BicesterruralNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk and also inform the Fritwell Parish Clerk that you have done so at clerkfritwellparishcouncil@gmail.com

Briefing on Village Hall PlansFritwell Village Hall

The Village Hall Committee are pushing forward with their plans to replace our Village Hall. Residents are invited to learn more about these plans on Tuesday 6th December 2022 at the Village Hall. Briefing will start at 7pm (to 8:30pm).