An introduction to Biodiversity Net Gain leaflet

Dear Resident,

Fritwell Parish Council is trying to identify land that may be available for delivering a biodiversity project to offset the unavoidable losses brought about by the CALA Homes development of 28 new dwellings off Fewcott Road in Fritwell.  We feel it is important that residents in the village or local area should have the opportunity to benefit in some way from the offset, rather than it being located in another area of Oxfordshire.

Ethos Environmental Planning is working on behalf of CALA Homes to achieve the required offset and are involving the Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment (TOE). I have included a copy of the TOE leaflet explaining Biodiversity Net Gain and how projects can benefit landowners.

  • We’re looking for a biodiversity improvement so the ideal land to be put forward would be land that is not currently very diverse e.g. amenity grassland, rye grass pasture or arable (though we are not wanting to take good quality arable land out of production)
  • We’re ideally looking for opportunities to connect areas that are currently better for wildlife to create corridors
  • The habitat that is being lost is grassland so we’re ideally looking for meadow creation opportunities
  • The total area of land that is required for the offset is 1ha but this can be made up of more than one parcel
  • All costs of creation and management are covered, payments are made according to an agreed payment schedule that aims to work well for the landowner
  • The landowner must be willing and able to sign up to a 30 year agreement to follow the agreed management plan


If you are interested to discuss and find out more, please email Caroline Westhall, our Parish Clerk