The period of the exercise of public rights to inspect the Parish Council accounts begins today, Monday 10th June 2019 and ends on Friday 19th July 2019. The statement of accounts, which has not yet been reviewed by the external auditor (and may therefore be subject to change), and the annual governance statement may be found by clicking the link at the end of this paragraph. The financial records may be inspected by contacting the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO), Vicky Hibberd and arranging a mutually convenient time between the above dates. The RFO’s telephone number is 01869 345830 and email address is

EOY Balance Sheet 2018-19

EOY Income & Expenditure 2018-19

EOY Payments 2018-19

bank reconciliation form 31-3-19

Assets list year end march 2019

Risk Assessment 2019

Official Notice